Get to know us

Why Major Development
Here’s at Major Development, we do diverse projects and like wise, not just project development, we expect our
staff to be quite diverse in term of knowledge, both hard skills and soft skills. Although we have different
specialty, we expect our people to know a lot of things. We are keen to not only develop ourselves and
organization, but we also are keen to develop the industry as business is very much like a knowledge centre.
In our term, professional is a person who know his/her task, duty, and products very well, it does not matter that
which level you are. At different level, it has certain responsibility to take care, for us a technician
is also consider as a professional.

Defining work diversity

We know that during the journey, your goal may shift. If your focus turns the other way, instead of changing company, we have diversified business field for you to consider.

defining work defining work

Career growth matters

We never stop developing and so our people. When our new project has developed, of course we need someone to take care, but who will be qualified? We keen to promote our employees who excel, confident, and ready to grow with us.

career growth career growth

You are our inspiration

We love to open our ear for fresh ideas. We enjoy having people from various generation and background, same industry or even better from another business industry who share their thoughts and experience, to keep our organization very vibrant, fun, and adaptive. Your difference make us different.

inspiration inspiration

Good vibes come from good well being

We want to be an organization where people come and feel like they’re live to work, not work to live. Meeting with friends rather than co-workers, the leaders are in touch with their people. Our work synergy is like where everyone is able to meet in the middle.

organization organization

Pool of expertise

What kind of people in our team? We like people who know and can share a lot. We want our organization to be like a pool of expertise. We share ideas , work together and make great big things.

expertise expertise


Pushing boundary of sophisticated living to a new height. Major Development pioneered the new benchmark of
super luxury development. Led by perpetual inspiration to enhance excellence & style. We always keep on
progressing to reach for excellence in crafting the LIFESCAPE of our residents.

Top of The Class
Changing the paradigm of high end living to well-designed luxury living with style indulgence. Major Development heightens the design concept to celebrate the aesthetic elements on top of perfect features integrating function with distinctive taste & style.
  • Professional
  • Responsibility And Accountability
  • Credibility
  • Transparency
  • International Standard
  • New Businnesses for a Recurring Income
  • Sustainable Competency

Our Values

Our values are a vital way in which we bring our unique culture to life, and we seek to build a team that shares in
and actively lives these values in their day-to-day work. As well as searching for people who
possess those qualities that make up our values

Our Values
we also look for certain other attributes including teamwork, the desire to do good, and the ability
to perform to a consistently high standard.

Our People

We believe that intellectual capital is critical to providing innovative solutions and, ultimately, having a positive
economic impact. Over the years, we have been fortunate to attract some of the most talented
professionals in our industry. They stay to build rewarding careers because of our entrepreneurial spirit, a
commitment to our people and the high expectation for excellence.

Why we are
happy here?

At Major Development, you’ll enjoy working in a modern and luxury office. Designed to be more of a co-working
space,make sure you have the best care and resources to thrive at all stages of your life, both inside
and outside. We’re focused on creating the best experience for you through Life at here, You will also work as a team
which motivates you to generate countless innovative and creative ideas. Major Development is not just only
office but also a workplace where you can show your genuine competency.